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West Coast Swing Exeter evolved from a group of friends who love West Coast Swing and had no where to dance. Its aim is to do just that, provide a place where all those who can West Coast Swing, or want to learn, can get together in a friendly environment with some kick ass tunes and have a great afternoons dancing.

Currently, West Coast Swing Exeter holds monthly workshops and tea dances (see below for full details of dates, times and venues), with the workshops taught by national WCS teacher Catriona Wiles of West Coast Swing UK.

Catriona has studied dance all her life and discovered WCS whilst living in the USA. whilst there she won the Swing Fling Cabaret Division (2002) with 4-time US Open Swing Champ, Robert Royston and his wife Nicola. In 2005, she re-joined in partnership with Lee Easton, winning a string of Division 1 Classic titles before ultimately taking the title of Open 8-Dance Professional Country Dance World Champions (2007).

For more information please phone Catriona on 07881 641400 e-mail her at or visit the West Coast Swing Exeter Facebook page at

There are currently no forthcoming events that South West Swing has been informed off listed for this club.

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